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omid on Forest sign.
woooooow! very nice shot! such beautiful composition, focus, colors & textures! Amazing & lovely!

Langevine on Ballet.

Bruno F on Ballet.
Très belle capture et cadrage !

Ellebasi on Ballet.
excellente prise

Eric C. on Ballet.
Extra !

Elnaz on Ballet.
nice shot

Langevine on Gerone's bridge.
ocho a aussi pris sa perspective

Langevine on Gerone bridge.
oh génial

Lalena on Ventoux
Fantastic composition!! :)

Focales on Salagou (21).
Le Salagou est un de mes lacs préférés et à certaines heures il offre des couleurs ...

Alun on Salagou (21).
Really lovely looking place

omid on Salagou (21).
very nice! so beautiful frame & colors!

Akbar&Armaghan on Salagou (11).
Very beautiful shot

Ellebelle on Salagou (9).
Wonderful colors and reflections!!

Mhelene on Salagou (9).
Très belle photo !

Akbar&Armaghan on Salagou (9).
Very nice photo

Longroute on Salagou (2).
This is the composition I prefer among the many you have uploaded, there is more sense of depth. Salut, Donato

Christi on Salagou (3).
I love this. Excellent composition and use of thirds.

hugo poon on Salagou (6).
Lovely place... especially so through your compo! Wish you all the joy and peace of the season!

Becky on Salagou (6).
Serene and so beautiful.

Alun on Salagou (6).
Really lovely looking place

Curly on Salagou (6).
Merry Christmas to all in AM3. This is a living, learning, and at times an inspirational community bound together by a ...

Mhelene on Salagou (6).
Belle composition . Superbe photo !

helys on Salagou (5).
Superbe paysage Magnifique symétrie: couleurs, formes, reflets ...

omid on Salagou (3).
wow! very nice & amazing!

Mariana Maoduš on Salagou (3).
Excellent frame !

Mariana Maoduš on Maguelonne (5)
beautiful DOF

omid on Maguelonne (5)
very nice! so beautiful focus, colors & lights!

Basile Pesso on Maguelonne (1).

Soheil on Les Baux (3).
lovely shot from lovely actress have a nice day ;)

Mariana Maoduš on Les Baux (1).
beautiful frame . great texture

Curly on Tramway.
Very striking colour image, it really grabbed my attention.

Mariana Maoduš on Tramway.
beautiful frame of this street scene . love this colorful tramway - it brings so much life into this monothony of the ...

omid on HK is waking up (3).
very nice & so beautiful!

Mariana Maoduš on HK is waking up (3).
Great cityscape including a man in foreground and focusing on him .

omid on HK is waking up (2).
very nice & wonderful!

Mariana Maoduš on HK is waking up (2).
beautiful frame !

Lydia.Dd on HK is waking up (1).
C'est très beau !

maurizio jaya costantino on HK is waking up (1).

Mariana Maoduš on HK is waking up (1).
Great atmospheric cityscape !

Ronnie 2¢ on HK is waking up (1).
Superb atmosphere shot . . the mind imagines all the details that cannot be seen.

Basile Pesso on HK is waking up (1).
Belle vue, et beau cadrage !

Eligreg on Rain forest.
outstanding greenish color and perfect dof

Mariana Maoduš on Rain forest.
beautiful frame

omid on Forest.
very nice! so beautiful frame, colors & lights!

Basile Pesso on River.
Belle pose longue. J'aime.

Denise on River.
J'aime beaucoup ta composition, toute simple. Cela devient presqu'abstrait.

Marilla on Deep forest.
This could be from my country... looks very familiar but it's far away.

Marilla on Trees.
Simple and very nice! I like the position of the trees and the patterns they make.

Akbar&Armaghan on Deep forest.
very good composition

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